5 top tips for marketing your tech startup

5 top marketing tips for tech startups
Written by Ailbhe Duffy, b2b different


Marketing hi-tech products and services can present unique challenges for tech companies. Disruptive technologies, unpredictable lifecycles, innovations requiring early adopters are all characteristics of high tech environments. If your goal is to turn your exciting new tech product or service into revenue then you should pay some attention to marketing. Here are some tips to get you on the way to success.


Profile your potential customers, their challenges and purchasing behaviours. How are you meeting their need(s)? or do you have to create the need if you’ve something really new to bring to the market.

Talk to your buyers – get some insights from them. Know their industry and their buying process. You can segment them into groups that make sense and move on to the next stage.


You need to match your tech product or service to your customers’ challenges / needs. Why should the customer buy from you? How compelling is your proposition – it’s worth putting some effort into this exercise as it’s a key component to successfully selling your product or service. Brainstorm the following questions with your team;

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses
  • What market opportunities exist
  • What are your competitors offering and how do you differ
  • What is unique about your product or service
  • What value will it bring to the customer
  • The value you bring is critical to the process – your proposition has to be compelling not just unique! Be creative – this process can be fun!

Now you need to get attention and build profile for your brand and your product or service. Craft some clever messaging and supporting content that will engage your target customers. Apply it consistently across all media and through all sales channels. Tailor the message to suit the stage of the buying process (are they aware of your product, are they interested in your product, do they want to purchase your product).

Make sure you communicate your new messages internally also – everyone working in the business needs to understand and engage with the brand, how you are presenting the product or service, and really support the sales and marketing effort.


You want marketing to help you grow your tech business, developing a relationship with your market that generates leads that you convert into sales. You need to put your content and CVP to work across various channels and using different media, and you need to be consistent and persistent to build awareness and profile. Use social media to drive traffic to your website and leads to your sales team. Get all your employees working to share and comment on the content you are publishing through LinkedIn, Facebook or on Twitter depending on what media channels work for your business. If you’ve got budget then build your profile through PR, email campaigns, sponsorships, trade events, and win some awards – awards are a great profiling tool!


Track and measure what you are doing, how you are spending your budget and what is generating the most return.  Track visitors to your website and time spent on the site. Track referrals to the website and conversions on the site – did your visitors sign up for your newsletter or make an enquiry for example.  Are you getting more enquiries to your reception desk. Are your sales team finding it easier to get in the door and sell. Are followers of your social media channels growing and are your target market starting to engage more through those channels.

You don’t necessarily need a big budget to market your tech business but you do need a good marketing plan and the commitment to see that plan through.  Keep it simple, measurable and make sure your team understand and support what you are trying to achieve.


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